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A Wireless Device Based on GSM to Track Children’s Activities.
Today there is a need for child safety more than ever. A parent or guardian cannot keep an eye on the child for 24 hours a day. But children have to be safeguarded somehow. This project proposes a device which will monitor a child’s activities. The activities can range from running, jumping, standing still, or travelling in a vehicle. Parents can sense something is wrong if the child is moving fast when it has to be in school. Such information is crucial to parents. The device can also tell the child’s location via GPS. The entire device will communicate to the parent or guardian via internet, thus making it an IOT device. This device can monitor the child, safeguard the child and give the parents the much needed assurance that their child is safe.
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Duration:30 day(s)
Price:Rs. 14000 (Group)
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