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Brainwaves Analysis of Relaxation Emotion and Controlling the Devices
This research paper attempts to acquire the electroencephalogram (EEG) to analyze the characteristic frequency bands of the brainwave related to different relaxation activities, i.e., reading novel and watching movie. Based on the cognitive neuroscience, this paper first formulates the relaxation energy index (REI) of the subject when the subject is performing relaxation. The objective of this study is to effectively analyze the learners’ energy distribution of relaxation by analyzing influences of different relaxation activities. The electroencephalogram is the electromagnetic signal generated by the neural activities of the brain, which is the message transmitted by the cranial nerve using the electrochemical process. The nerves convert the chemical signal into the electric signal through release of the chemical substance. These electric signals are mainly generated by the ion permeability. The neurons consisting of nerves are cells specially for transmitting electric signal. The neurons will produce the action potential to transmit message when the receptors on the cell surface have received the neurotransmitters. Different stimulations will have different transmission signals. Rhythmic potential changes will occur when the nerve impulse is transmitted between the nerves and the nerve fibers. These weak potential changes consist of the electrical rhythms and the transient discharge. It is the so-called electroencephalogram when these neurons generate the resultant potential changes. The proposed work of this project is to develop a system that can be used with real-time wireless monitoring systems which are designed and implemented through wireless network and are able to record and transmit bio-signals of person. The aim of this project is to check state of a person and to provide a health monitoring for the person at any time and any place and to design this system using ZigBee to provide wireless system for monitoring the parameters of patient.
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Duration:30 day(s)
Price:Rs. 25000 (Group)
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