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Effect of the Power Cable on Data Transmission Over a Pulsewidth-Modulated Network
Power line communication (PLC) technology has proved itself in the last decade as an interesting solution for data transmission and communication in domestic application.
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Duration:30 day(s)
Technology:PLC (Power Line Communication)
Price:Rs. 12500 (Group)
Developments of the In-Home Display Systems for Residential Energy Monitoring
Non-Intrusive Power Line Quality Monitoring Based on Power Line Communications
Automation of Distribution Grids
Power Line Communication for Monitoring Small Electricity Generating Plant
Prepaid Energy Meters Network via Power System Communication
Measurements and Evaluation of Plc Modem with G3 and Prime Standards for Street Lighting Control
Power Sensor Applications In A Load Management Network For A Residential Microgrid
Flexible Street Lamp Lighting System Management Throughpower Line
Home Energy Management Systems: Design Guidelines For The Communication Infrastructure
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