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Secure web based home automation: Application layer based security using embedded programmable logic controller
According to the characteristics of coal mine environment, in this paper we propose a multi-parameter wireless sensor network monitoring system based on Zigbee technology for coal mine tunnel. The systems can real-time monitor the underground environment and production parameters and intelligently give early warning by using a variety of sensors and wireless sensor network. It is flexible to add sensors and enhance stability of monitoring computer software through RS-232 communication protocol and hardware modular. Experiments have proved feasibility and good stability of the system. Coal mine prevents any hazardous situation of the laborers working inside coal mine based on Zigbee technology. It keeps monitoring the temperature, humidity and gas values to the concerned department which will be monitoring the environmental status.
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Duration:30 day(s)
Technology:IOT (Internet of Things)
Price:Rs. 13800 (Group)
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