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A Security Layer for Smartphone-To-Vehicle Communication over Bluetooth
A vehicle emergency control system which remotely signals the operation of a suitably-equipped vehicle, and which conditions the vehicle by remote observation to be involuntarily retarded or stopped by an action of the unauthorized operator. Vehicles are equipped with a Zigbee module which broadcasts the condition of the vehicle to any smartphone in its vicinity. The emergency message identifies the vehicle, and may also identify the nature of the emergency condition. The emergency message is received at a mobile device which is paired to it. The paired device must be within the range of the Bluetooth transmitter present in the vehicle. This project relates in general to emergency alarm systems and in particular to an emergency alarm system for use with vehicles.
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Duration:30 days day(s)
Price:Rs. 14,000 (Group)
CAN Based Collision Avoidance System for Automobiles
Complete automation of automobile using CAN
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Grid FAST-SLAM via Self Balancing Quad Copter
Highway Signaling System along with Smart Display and Speed Controlling System
Design and Development of PIC Microcontroller Based Vehicle Monitoring System Using Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol
Automatic Ignition Control of Vehicles
Design and Implementation of an Intelligent Vehicle System for Autonomous Valet Parking Service
Impaired Driving and Theft Control System for Automobiles
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