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Parking Availability Prediction for Sensor-Enabled Car Parks in Smart Cities
The autonomous vehicle valet parking service (AVP) enables a vehicle to drive and park without any human interaction. The driverless vehicle has to follow the scheduled route and be parked in a parking lot automatically. Most fundamental technologies for autonomous vehicle valet parking service are controlling vehicle driving and parking. For autonomous driving, the path to near goal parking lot has to be generated and control commands to follow the path have to be generated continuously. For autonomous parking, the controlling vehicle steer value has to be found to park the vehicle at slot well. And also the mobile assistant system is needed for driver to select the parking lot and monitoring the state of the vehicle in remote. In this paper, we have designed and implemented of an intelligent vehicle system for autonomous vehicle valet parking service in low speed limited parking area. In this project, a solution has been provided for the problems encountered in parking-lot management systems via RFID technology. RFID readers, RFID labels, computers, barriers and software are used as for the main components of the RFID technology. The software has been handled for the management, controlling, transaction reporting and operation tasks for parking lots located on various parts of the city. Check-ins and check-outs of the parking-lots will be under control with RFID readers, labels and barriers. Personnel costs will be reduced considerably using this technology. It will be possible to see unmanned, secure, atomized parking-lots functioning with RFID technology in the future. Check-ins and check-outs will be handled in a fast manner without having to stop the cars so that traffic jam problem will be avoided during these processes. Drivers will not have to stop at the circulation points and parking tickets will be out of usage during check-ins and check-outs.
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Price:Rs. 16,000 (Group)
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