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3G Home Automation
This work confers an application which makes possible to use 3G Network to control home appliances such electric fan, LEDs and stepper motor, connected to the personal computer. It is a client – server based application which makes use of powerful java technology to achieve its end. The program works on an Android mobile phone.
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Duration:25 day(s)
Technology:Live Project
Price:Rs. 12800 (Group)
Voice Recognition Based Wireless Home Automation System
Self-Balancing Robot and control via bluetooth
GSM Based highly confidential examination system using thermal printer
Highly Confidential Examination System using thermal printer and data encryption decryption technique
GRID FAST SLAM via Self Balancing Quad Copter
Self-Balancing Robot and control via RF
Self-Balancing Robot Control using 6 Axis Accelerometer and Zigbee
ZigBee Based Remote Control for PC
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