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Anti-Violence City
Violence such as communal riots is spreading widely these days. To combat such issues which will lead to various riots disturbing the social harmony we have come across with the concept of Anti violence city. Due to violence the whole city get disturbed which leads to loss in both economic and physical conditions. The rate of violence in city is increased every day. Most of the times the innocent people will be affected due to violence in the city. The violence should be avoided so that people in a city can live without facing any problems. This happens only when security is provided immediately when the innocent people gets attacked. Providing security to the user by utilizing mobile technology to avoid violence. A user can inform the security department or police if any violence is occurring through just scrolling his/her mobile phone screen which is based on android .User can also intimate security department or police if there is an attack by miscreants on the people around him.
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Duration:30 day(s)
Price:Rs. 12800 (Group)
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