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A Novel Vehicle Safety Model: Vehicle Speed
An accident is unexpected, unusual, unintended and identifiable external event which occurs at any place and at any time. The major concern faced by the government and traffic officials is over speeding at limited speed zones like hospitals, schools or residential places leading to causalities and more deaths on the roads. Hence the speed of the vehicles is to be regulated and confined to the limits as prescribed by the traffic regulations. We propose a solution in the form of providing E-speed governor fitted with a wireless communication system consisting of a Rx which receives the information regarding the speed regulation for their zones. The TX will be made highly intelligent and decide when receiver should be made active to regulate the speed and unwarranted honking from the vehicles which can be deactivated in the silent zones. This work is more reliable and effective in curbing over speeding, accident avoidance and also to provide noise free zones. The implementation and installation is easy and almost needs no maintenance. In case of co-located zones there may be chances of co- channel interference which can be avoided by allocating different frequencies. In case of snow fall there may be chances of vehicles colliding each other due to slippery conditions. All vehicles which are fitted with receivers need to have a CAN controller for auto transmission purposes.
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Duration:24 day(s)
Technology:Embedded Systems
Price:Rs. 14000 (Group)
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